Oceans cover 71% of the planets surface. 85% remain unexplored. Explore Adventure and Learning at Sea Base.

Sea Base Bahamas Tall Ship Adventure

Fly directly to the Bahamas! Experience all the Bahamas Adventure has to offer aboard a Tall Ship. This Adventure is for groups of 18-20 people who are willing to explore the Sea of Abaco. This is an active ship and requires everyone to work as a team as you learn and experience the workings of sailing and sea traveling. This is a seven day event. NOTE: The vessel currently being used in this program is a 60′ catamaran perfect for the depth and conditions in the Sea of Abaco.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Sea Base Bahamas Adventure

Sea Base is offering an exciting adventure based in Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island. Your crew can snorkel the beautiful, pristine reefs surrounding Marsh Harbour, wade ashore on the many small cays (pronounced keys) in the area, learn their unique history, and fish for the game-fish which are abundant in the Abacos. You’ll board traditional Bahamas sailing vessels designed to take you to such exotic places as Green Turtle Cay, Hopetown and Little Harbour. There’s plenty of time for fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Steady breezes, the protection of the barrier islands and the reef surrounding Abaco Sound provide perfect sailing getaways. This adventure can accommodate crews of 6-8 or 10-12 based on availability.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Out Island Adventure

MUNSON! Along with your assigned island mate, your crew will paddle a Polynesian war canoe more than five miles to a primitive barrier island located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for an epic high adventure experience.

Upon arrival at Big Munson Island, your unit will camp under a canopy of gumbo limbo trees, mangroves, and lush vegetation. Endangered Key Deer will pass through your campsite along with hermit crabs and vaca coons. Each day will be action packed. From Big Munson Island your crew will ocean kayak, board a large vessel to access the Florida Barrier Reef to snorkel, board a Sea Base vessel for a fishing excursion, shark fish, paddle to Munson Rocks for a night snorkel, and explore the largest wilderness on Earth. The ocean.  Crews seeking a unique primitive camping experience and a one of a kind adventure should look no further than The Out Island Adventure.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Out Island Adventure Presentation (PowerPoint)

Key West Sailing Adventure

You will live for a week aboard a 40-foot sailing vessel. Sea Base provides a Coast Guard-licensed captain who will facilitate your voyage.  Your unit will sail the Lower Keys for six days, beginning and ending at Bahia Honda State Park. You will dock in historic Key West midweek, where your unit will be tourists for the day and evening, discovering the treasures Key West has to offer. In addition to sailing and exploring Key West, your unit will have the opportunity to snorkel the Florida Reef Tract within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, fish, crew the vessel, practice navigation, study astronomy and more! Your last night will be spent in air-conditioned bungalows at Camp Sawyer on Scout Key, where the Conch Luau and closing dinner will take place.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Key West Sailing Adventure Presentation (PowerPoint)

Key West Sailing – FAQ (PDF)

Marine STEM Adventure

Have you always dreamed of being a marine biologist, oceanographer, conservationist, or a deep-sea explorer? This is the program for you. Your crew will paddle, snorkel and embark on the waters of the Florida National Marine Sanctuary aboard the “BSA Discover”, a 45-foot catamaran outfitted as a floating classroom designed to explore mangroves, sea grass beds and majestic coral reefs. You will gather hands on experience monitoring coral health and water quality, tagging sharks, rare plant surveys on Big Munson Island, and underwater robotics. The Marine STEM program is based on a marine ecology curriculum that follows the teachings of the textbook “Tropical Connections.” During your adventure, you will be involved with active citizen science projects and data collection for ongoing research for scientists in conjunction with MOTE Marine Laboratory and other partnering organizations. Please note that program is dictated by weather, tides and the ability of the crew. Your activity plan can vary, sometimes widely, due to these external factors. Marine Stem Adventure Crew Size 6–8 individuals. This number includes both youth and adult participants. Due to US Coast Guard Regulations crews may not exceed the maximum of 8 people.. Your crew will be staying in dorms at the Brinton Environmental Center during your adventure. Field excursions are day trips aboard the STEM  and Dorms are air conditioned and contain bunk beds with twin-size mattresses.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Marine STEM Adventure Presentation (PowerPoint)

Sea Exploring (Keys Tall Ship)

Designed for larger groups (either a council contingent or a larger troop), offering your crew the opportunity to experience a sailing adventure of yesteryear. These are large vessels, 75 feet or more, normally gaff-rigged topsail schooners, fully equipped and prepared to provide an unforgettable adventure snorkeling the beautiful Keys’ reefs, fishing, and hands-on sailing as well as a port-o-call in Key West.

For a hands-on sailing adventure voyage, one that is exciting, ruggedly challenging, and excellent for larger groups, pack your sea bag for the Sea Exploring program.

This is a seven-night, eight-day program.

Coral Reef Sailing

Your home for a week will be on a large sailing vessel over 40 feet long. During the adventure, you will be sailing the Florida Keys and have the chance to snorkel some of the most beautiful reefs in the Keys and part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
You will also have the opportunity to study astronomy, navigation, fish identification, and coral reef ecology. So join us for the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure, sharpen your navigational skills and enjoy snorkeling and fishing all in one package.  Crew size 6-8.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

STEM Eco-Adventure

If you are looking for an up-close, hands-on educational adventure, then the Eco Adventure is for you. Your crew’s home and base of operation for the week will be two 40’ – 45’ sailboats. From there you will launch into your undersea world of exploration by means of snorkel, mask and fins; kayak; fishing pole and glass-bottom viewer. It is here that you will discover and explore the wildlife and ecosystems of the four major marine habitats of the Florida Keys, study the plant and wildlife, and understand their delicate balance. Scouts will return to civilization with a greater appreciation of the undersea world and their roles as stewards of this amazing environment. Crew size 10-12.

This is a six-night, seven-day event.

Florida Fishing Adventure

This is a fishing trip of a lifetime! Weather permitting, you will go far offshore in pursuit of various pelagic fish including tuna and mahi-mahi, fish the coral reef for snapper and grouper, night fish from bridges and stalk fish in the Florida Bay. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to fish for the oceans greatest apex predator- sharks!

While participating in this adventure you will learn about marine ecosystems, conservation, and seamanship. Your itinerary also includes a trip to historic Key West, the southernmost point in the continental United States.

If you are passionate about fishing and exploring the Florida Keys then this is the program for you.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Florida Fishing Adventure Presentation (PowerPoint)

Scuba Certification

Want to learn to breath underwater? This is your opportunity to become certified as a PADI Open-Water diver at one of the best scuba training facilities in the world. Professional PADI Instructors and Dive Masters will guide you along your adventure.

You will be fitted with state of the art scuba equipment and trained in the largest scuba training center and dive pool in the Florida Keys. For your open water dives, you will board one of the many Newton Dive Specials owned by the Florida Sea Base and captained by a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain.

Your fee includes all meals, instruction, housing in air conditioned dormitories, four open water training dives in the Florida Keys national Marine Sanctuary, and two to four fun dives (time and weather permitting). Medical restrictions apply. Call Sea Base for more details.

This is a seven- night, eight- day adventure.

Scuba Certification Presentation (PowerPoint)

Scuba Crew Leader Guide (PDF) 

Scuba Adventure

The Florida Keys are home to the only coral barrier reef in North America. If you are a certified diver, this program is for you. From our fleet of custom built Newton Dive Specials you will explore coral reefs, discover wrecks, underwater rock formations, and scuba dive alongside the over 6,000 organisms and underwater wildlife found in the Florida National Marine Sanctuary.

During this adventure (weather permitting) you will make as many as 11 dives, including a night dive. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to take part in evening Project Aware courses and conduct REEF Environmental Education fish surveys. Accommodations are in air conditioned dormitories overlooking the Florida Bay with great meals in the Sea Base galley. The diving equipment supplied for this adventure is new and state of the art. Medical restrictions apply. Call Sea Base for more details.

This is a seven-night, eight-day adventure.

Scuba Adventure Presentation (PowerPoint)

Scuba Crew Leader Guide (PDF)

Scuba Live Aboard

Sea Base has combined scuba with a live aboard experience to create one incredible adventure. You will spend your days discovering the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary above and below the water’s surface. With a crew size of 10 to 12 people, your home will be aboard one or two vessels depending on availability and schedule. During this adventure, you will dive 11 or more times including night dives (weather permitting). When you are not diving, there will be opportunities for fishing and cruising the Florida Keys. You must be a certified diver to participate in this program. Medical restrictions apply. Call Sea Base for more details.

This is a seven-night, eight-day adventure.

Scuba Live Aboard Presentation (PowerPoint)

Scuba Crew Leader Guide (PDF)

Florida Keys Adventure

Want to experience everything the Florida Keys have to offer? You will paddleboard, ocean kayak, sail, boat, fish, snorkel coral reefs, learn about marine ecosystems, travel to Big Munson Island for an overnight adventure and visit historic Key West. Every day is a new adventure!

Other than your overnight on Munson Island, you will spend each night in an air conditioned dormitory.

If you are looking for a program with a wide variety of aquatic activities, this is your adventure.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Florida Keys Adventure Presentation (PowerPoint)

Sea Base St. Thomas Sailing Adventure

Experience the allure of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here, the trade winds blow, offering some of the best sailing in the world. Upon arrival, your crew will board a 40-foot plus vessel with an experienced captain. Most units attain the 50 Miler Award as they circumnavigate the crystal blue waters surrounding the island of St. John. In addition to sailing, your unit will snorkel pristine coral reefs, hike in Virgin Islands National Park, swim ashore to incredible beaches, and more!

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Sea Base St. Thomas STEM ECO Sailing Adventure

Set sail aboard a 40-foot plus vessel in the crystal blue water of the Caribbean, snorkel amazing reefs, and hike in Virgin Islands National Park while making a positive impact on the environment. In conjunction with the University of the Virgin Islands, participants collect data to help save endangered coral reefs and endangered sea turtles while learning the importance of protecting marine ecosystems. More than a traditional adventure, this is truly an adventure with a purpose. If your unit is looking for an amazing and fun-filled adventure while making a difference this is it!

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Sea Base St. Croix Adventure

St. Croix boasts amazing vistas, crystal blue waters, coral reefs, and endless opportunities for adventure. Participants will set sail, snorkel, boat, and kayak all while learning about preserving ecosystems through working with conservationists and scientists. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit Buck Island National Park, historic Christiansted, and historic Fort Christiansvaern. Every day is a new adventure in St. Croix! Crews will camp at beautiful Camp Howard M. Wall overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Sea Base St. Croix Scuba Adventure

Are you a certified diver? If so, underwater exploration and discovery await you in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Pristine coral reefs, sea turtles, and countless species of underwater marine life flourish in the turquoise waters surrounding St. Croix. Weather dependent, crews will make as many as 10 dives. In addition to world-class diving, participants will explore historic Christiansted and historic Fort Christiansvaern, and learn about underwater ecosystems and species. Crews will camp at beautiful Camp Howard M. Wall overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. Medical Restrictions apply. Call Sea Base for more details.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure

The Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure program is a 9 day program conducted in the Florida Keys. The service portion of the adventure will be primarily based out of the Dry Tortugas National Park located 70 miles from Key West. The Order of the Arrow is partnering with the National Park Service to bring more meaningful and long-term projects to the Ocean Adventure program. Conservation will be the main focus of the service portion of the adventure.

Participants will have the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, paddle board and swim. In addition to this, there is a major focus on reflection on this adventure and nightly discussions will be held with the crew discussion topics from stewardship to character traits to leadership. Come to the Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure to experience the best the wonderful Florida Keys has to offer.

Dive Master Training Academy

Sea Base offers a unique training opportunity, the Florida Sea Base Dive Master Training Academy. The Dive-master Training Academy gives Venturers and Boy Scouts the opportunity to further their dive training by becoming a certified PADI Dive Master. Participants must be 18 years of age.

To register for Sea Base Dive Master Academy

Sea Base and the Boy Scouts of America reserve the right to change the offerings, itineraries, vessels and other program features at any time based on weather, facilities and vessel availability and other reasons.