Groups Seeking Individuals

NOTE: If your information appears here AND you have already found enough individuals to fill out your crew, please send an e-mail to so that we can remove you from the list.

The following groups are seeking individuals to fill out their crews.

1 opening for Keys Adventure starting on 12-26-2019

Crew: KA122619C

Contact: Kent Purvis

Phone:  419-322-9290


Comments: We have one youth position for our Keys Adventure during the December time frame. Great for you in the north to spend a week in the keys. We can accept male or female youth has we have a crew with female leadership and another female youth attending as well. Please contact me if you are interested.

5 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 12-26-2019

Crew: SA122619A

Contact: Mark Maxwell



Comments:We had both of our adults drop out, have possibly 3 people still wanting to go but are willing to give this slot to any crew interested.

3 openings for Scuba Live Aboard starting on 12-27-2019

Crew: Scuba Live Aboard Troop 335

Contact: Jessica Orozco

Phone: 903-969-0970


Comments:We do have a female leader and a female Scout. So we would be open to both males and females looking to join us.

2 openings for Sea Exploring starting on 03-20-2020

Crew: SE032020A

Contact: Bill Plaehn




3 openings for Scuba Certification starting on 03-29-2020

Crew: SC032920A

Contact: Dennis Boyd

Phone:  312-925-6233



Troop 46, Glen Ellyn IL has three openings for Scuba Certification Adventure. Current the Scoutmaster and Assistant and three Scouts are signed up. We need up to three more participants. Both adult leaders are fully trained, and have wilderness first aid and safety afloat. Trip is during spring break so weather should be great and not too hot.

2 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 03-29-2020

Crew: OI032920A

Contact: Josh Kennedy

Phone:   256-541-2594



We have two slots on the Out Island Adventure and a trip to Big MUNSON(!)
Of course, transportation to Brinton Environmental Center is up to you.
We ask that you arrive sufficiently prepared for the awesome open ocean row to Big MUNSON.

2 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 04-05-2020

Crew: CR040520B

Contact: Valerie Pratt

Phone: 734-392-7214


Comments:Co-ed Crew looking for up to 2 to join our spring break coral reef sailing adventure

3 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 04-05-2020

Crew: 8 Person

Contact: Jim Wright

Phone: 2142879554


Comments:We need 1 adult and 2 scouts.Please contact me if you are interested.

2 openings for Sea Exploring Adventure starting on 04-05-2020

Crew: SE040520A

Contact: Mark Baker

Phone: 616-299-4146



We may have a third opening. There is one official SeaBase boat captain and 20 boaters total. Our troop is from West Michigan and several of our boaters are from another local troop. Let me know if you are interested!
The total cost for the SEABASE fee ONLY will vary a little dependent on how many we end up with but won’t exceed $1,000.00 per person. This does NOT include any transportation to or from the SeaBase in Islamorada Key before or after the event.
See all the info on the Sea Exploring event on the SEABASE website first before contacting us. Here is the link to the Participant Guide.

You must qualify to all SeaBase rules and advance trainings. Any funds paid to join our trip are non-refundable. You could, however, substitute another person if needed and if you can find that person to buy your spot.

Thank you!!

6 openings for Sea Exploring starting on 05-28-2020

Crew: SE052820A

Contact: Christy Pond


Comments:We have 6 openings on our crew for Sea Exploring in the Florida Keys in May 2020 for any combination of youth and adults. We have both male and female Scouts and leaders going, so all are welcome. Please contact me if you are interested, we would love to have you join us!

5 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 05-29-2020

Crew: OI052920C/D

Contact: Tracy Lake

Phone:  414-791-7177


Comments:  We are looking for 2 adults and 3 scouts to fill out a second crew for our sea base adventure.

2 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 06-07-2020

Crew: CR060720A

Contact: Lara Skrzypczynski

Phone:  815-519-5724


Comments: Openings are for adults or scouters. We have two male leaders going.

2 openings for Coral Reef Sailing Adventure starting on 06-07-2020

Crew: CR060720D

Contact: Michael Dalton

Phone:  614-563-4351



We have two openings on our Coral Reef Sailing adventure for either two Scouts or a Scout and a Scouter. We are a Troop in Pataskala, Ohio, just east of Columbus and this will be our fifth Coral Reef crew. We will be flying from Columbus to Fort Lauderdale on June 7 and taking the Keys Shuttle to Sea Base and returning on June 13. Our estimated cost for fundraising purposes is $1,500.00, based on travel from Columbus and the cost of the shuttle. Scouts/Scouters that wish to join our crew can join us to fly out of Columbus or meet us at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Our crew earns the BSA Snorkeling Certificate during the winter through a local dive shop so we are fully trained before arrival at Sea Base.

Please call or text Scoutmaster Michael Dalton if you are interested and we can discuss travel arrangements and payments.


1 opening for St. Croix Adventure starting on 06-08-2020

Crew: XA060820A

Contact: Ed Taylor

Phone: 740-708-0043



We are a boy scout troop from Stockdale, OH. The Adventure start date is 6/8/2020. We have one opening available for a youth.

5 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 06-17-2020

Crew: SA061720B

Contact: Tammy West

Phone: 512-636-1670



We need at least one adult leader for this crew. The remaining 4 can be either adult or scouts.

1 opening for Key West Sailing Adventure starting on 06-17-2020

Crew: KW061720B

Contact: Tim McElroy

Phone: 972-800-1663



We have space for one scout on our Key West Sailing Adventure. We have two trained male adults and five scouts from Grand Prairie/Arlington/Mansfield area of North Texas. We haven’t settled on travel plans yet but will be traveling through either Fort Lauderdale or Miami. We would welcome any adventure minded scout to the crew.

1 opening for Key West Sailing starting on 07-11-2020

Crew: KW071120B

Contact: Tamar Kapner

Phone: 404-229-8141



We have one slot available for a boy to join our crew for this exciting adventure. We have two fully trained adults and 5 boys ready to go have some fun!

2 openings for Marine STEM Adventure starting on 07-12-2020

Crew: MS071220B

Contact: Christofer German




From BSA Troop 573 in Woodinville, WA and Troop 90 in Sequim, WA Openings for 2 scouts or 1 adult and 1 scout for Marine STEM on 12-18 Jul. we’re a combined crew from Troop 573 in Woodinville, WA and Troop 90 in Sequim, WA. If interested, please give me a shout.

2 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 07-14-2020

Crew: CR071420B

Contact: Pete Groman

Phone: 214-505-4104



Troop 845 Coppell has a SeaBase trip scheduled for July 2020. ASM Joe Ward and I will be leading a crew of 8. We have TWO positions open, which need to be filled. This could be 2 scouts, or 1 scout and 1 adult leader. Please let me know if anyone from your troop is interested in going with us. And feel free to share this with other local troops.

Details as follows:

SEABASE 2020 – CORAL REEF SAILING ADVENTURE, Florida Sea Base – Islamorada, Fl Crew Number CR071420B

DFW Deprture, Jul 13 2020. Pickup by BlueSky adventures.
SeaBase Arrival, Jul 14 2020
SeaBase Departure, Jul 20 2020
DFW Arrival, Jul 20 2020

4 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 07-15-2020

Crew: SA071520F

Contact: Mark Friske



Comments:Troop 567 from Minneapolis, MN has four open positions on our SCUBA Adventure crew for up to three scouts and one adult or two scouts and two adults. The adventure starts on July 15, 2020 and ends on July 22, 2015. Cost is $1,100 per person plus travel to Sea Base. All crew members must be a minimum of 13 years old before July 15, 2020 and have their PADI Open Water Diver Certification completed before June 15, 2020.

5 openings for St. Croix Adventure starting on 07-20-2020

Crew: XA072020B

Contact: Kathy Kokal

Phone: 214-455-7239



We are Venture Crew 999 from Plano, TX. We have openings for 5 individuals for a St. Croix Adventure trip from July 20-26, 2020. We currently have 2 female crew member and 1 female adult leader signed up for the trip. We need 5 more youth/adults for this trip. Male and female crew members/leaders are invited. An adult male leader is required if any male youth register for the trip.

We are flying from DFW through Miami onto St. Croix. We’re looking forward to joining with another crew to make this a fantastic trip.


2 openings for Key West Sailing starting on 07-28-2020

Crew: KW072820B

Contact: Xavier Corpel

Phone: 586-350-6786


Comments: Troop 154 from sterling heights MI has 2 opening for the Key west sailing adventure from July 28 to August 03 2020. We have currently 6 scout and 2 adult leaders. We are looking for 2 additional scouts or 1 adult and 1 scout. We will be arriving in Florida on July 27 and departing on August 4. Our Original plan is to Fly to Fort Lauderdale and stay the night before and after the adventure. We will be finalizing plane and lodging this month. People interested can contact us at

5 openings for Key West Sailing Adventure starting on 08-03-2020

Crew: KW080320B

Contact: George Hertneky

Phone:  970-768-3210


Comments:  Troop 25 of Brush, CO is in need of up to 4 Scouts and at least 1 trained Scouter to the popular Key West Sailing Adventure. Our leader is female and we have 2 boys so we will need at least 1 trained mail Scouter and male scouts. Can mix and match scouts/scouts for a total up to 5. The adventure runs from August 3 -9 and the fees will be between $975 and $1300 depending on the number of individuals we get. This is our second Sea Base adventure.

4 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 08-09-2020

Crew: OI080920A

Contact: Lonny Pitaccio

Phone:  914-263-3839



Opening for 3 plus a crew of 8.
I have wilderness first aid training
My need a adult for my crew.

2 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 08-09-2020

Crew: SA080920D

Contact: David Emello

Phone:  617-230-1195


Comments: Troop 304, from Belmont Massachusetts, is looking for one or two participants to join our crew. This will be our second time at SeaBase for the SCUBA Adventure. Its a wonderful trip. We were fortunate enough to have three people from another troop join is on our last trip. It presented no problems and we made friends. If you are interested please contact us. We can talk and send some pictures from our earlier trip.

3 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 08-09-2020

Crew: SA080920F

Contact: Mike Thomas

Phone: 571-287-7796


Comments:Troop 2016 from Chantilly, Virginia has 3 openings for 3 Scouts or 1 Adult and 2 Scouts. Troop 2016 is sending 2 adults that are advanced open water certified with all Scouts open water certified. Scouts ages range from 16 to 14. Please call or e-mail with your questions.